carpet for stairs Andover, MAWhy carpet is a great addition to your stairs

Carpet is a great choice for stairs because it is safer than hardwood, soft and forgiving, and muffles the plodding sounds and creaking noises when walking up and down the steps.

Safety and Comfort

Stairs can be hazardous in a home especially for toddlers, children, and seniors. While hardwood and other surfaces can become slippery, carpet provides added grip underfoot. It also provides a cushion for the hard surface underneath. In addition to carpet’s safety benefits it also provides an unparalleled comfort.

The High-Traffic Zone

A common concern when installing carpet in areas that are traveled most, like the stairs, is wear and tear. Stairs are one of the most traveled areas in a home and the narrow space means the same spots are seeing all of the action. This causes a pattern to wear into the floor.

Homeowners can choose to carpet stairs from top to bottom or to install staircase runners. Either way, carpet should be professionally installed in order to prevent slipping and buckling. An improper installation can cause damage to the carpet and create an unsafe staircase.

You Have Options

When it comes to carpeting your stairs you have options. Fully carpeted stairs offer the comfort and safety from top to bottom. It can also cover any surface underneath that you don’t want exposed. Staircase runners can be an attractive design element to compliment a hardwood surface while adding the benefits of carpet

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