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Carpet is a one of a kind flooring option, with unmatched comfort and style no other flooring can replicate. Carpet can handle every day challenges and is resistant to stains and wear. Arrow Carpet One Floor & Home in Andover, MA has what you need when it comes to carpet. Our professional flooring experts are here to help you make the best choice in carpet flooring for your home.

We can help you choose a new carpet for your home. Whether you want to design your space around a new floor or complement your current home décor, we have you and your home covered.

What Are the Different Types of Carpet?

Carpets are made to be both stain resistant and wear resistant, meaning they can stand up to an active lifestyle in your home. Different carpet types will range in function in your home, so be sure to speak with one of our flooring professionals to choose the right carpet for your home. We even offer waterproof carpet options, which are perfect for homes with children and pets, and can be installed in places like playrooms and finished basements.

We can help you find the perfect carpet for your home that balances your needs and the needs of your home. Our flooring professionals can help you choose the right type of carpet flooring for your home. We carry five types of carpet: level loop, patterned, textured frieze, and plush options.

Level loop carpet has a dense, low profile, which makes it great for heavily-trafficked areas.

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Patterned carpet is made of loops and cut fibers of varying heights, resulting in unique patterns.

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Textured carpet has longer fibers resulting in a casual look that's great for home settings.

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Frieze carpet has long, twisted yarns, and these create dimension and sensation underfoot.

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Plush, or velvet, carpet has a more formal appearance because of its thick construction.

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Our Carpet Selection

We are your local flooring retailer and our staff is your local carpet experts that you can turn to for any questions. We have specially selected Carpet One Floor & Home exclusive brands for you to choose from including Lees™, Tigressa™, and Innovia™.

Lees carpet             Tigressa Cherish carpet

Innovia Xtreme Clean carpet

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Carpet cleaning

Carpet Maintenance

Caring for your carpets is important for several reasons. Regularly cleaning your carpet not only keeps it clean and looking new, but it also increases the life cycle of your floor.

How to Care for Carpet
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When Should I Replace my Carpet?

Your carpet is pretty good at telling you when it is time to replace it. Often stains become more stubborn and tears become more obvious. Take a look at some more signs that it is time to replace your carpet.

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