Carpet Maintenance

Information on how to properly care for and maintain your carpet.

The Basics of Carpet Maintenance

Carpets not only provide a cozy experience when people first enter a home, but they also keep rooms warmer during the chillier months. With the right cleaning techniques though, you can keep your carpets looking new and feeling great. Carpet maintenance may seem like a fairly straightforward thing to most people, but there are ways that you can maximize your efforts. We'll give the tips to improve your home and investment. 

Vacuum and Spot Treatment 

These measures should be well known to you when taking care of your carpet, but it doesn't necessarily mean you keep up on it the way you want to. Vacuuming should be done once a week for floors with high traffic and every other week for floors that don't. Even when you don't use a room that often, you still need to give the carpet attention otherwise it will prematurely age. When dirt spills on the carpet, you need to reach for the vacuum before you do anything else. Rubbing in stains can make them a lot worse, and it will keep potentially harmful particles in your floor for longer. Allergens like pet fur or pollen have a tendency to become trapped, and vacuums may only do so much to extract everything from the fibers, though spot treatment can help when used correctly.

Professionally Done 

A professional cleaning can truly get your carpets clean, and keep your family safe. Be sure to check with your manufacturer, as well as your warranty, to ensure a professional cleaning is the correct way to go with your flooring investment. These cleanings improve the air quality on your home, and will keep the carpet in tip-top shape as the years go by. It doesn't necessarily take a lot of traffic to wear down a carpet over time, so this is an important step to take. Taking care of your carpet helps both you and your family.

Carpet Maintenance - Andover, MA