Hardwood & Humidity

Learn more about how humidity affects your hardwood flooring.

How Humidity Affects Your Hardwood

As your local flooring expert, we know how harsh our winders can be and how humid our summers get. In addition to carrying hardwood flooring, we also provide advice for homeowners about how to care for their hardwood floors. Humidity and dry air can have a huge impact on your hardwood floors. If you are new to owning hardwood flooring, the information below is important. If you are interested in learning more, contact us at Arrow Carpet One Floor & Home in Andover. 

Moisture and hardwood

When we talk about wood flooring and humidity, we are talking about the natural, organic part of the plank that is susceptible to changing environments. As the environment in your home changes, so do your wood floors. To break down how wood reacts to changes in moisture in your home think of each board as a celery stalk. If you look at the ends of celery stalks, you can notice tiny fibers. Think of those fibers as the individual planks on your floor. The wood floor boards take in and release moisture through these channels, resulting in powerful and sometimes very noticeable changes in width, but almost no change in the length.

How to protect your floors from humidity

Make sure your HVAC, furnace, and humidifier are healthy and functional properly throughout the year. When we talk about humidifiers, we are referring to whole house units that are professionally installed. You spent thousands on your hardwood floors, so a small investment into caring for them will help to make your hardwood floors look great and last for years in your home. 

You should always have control of the temperature and the humidity in your home or office. With hardwood floors, you need to have your A/C running, even if you are out of town. High humidity rooms, like laundry rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens, are not suitable places to install hardwood. A good, professional installer will be sure to recommend not installing wood in those areas of your home.