Hardwood Maintenance

Proper hardwood floor care can keep your flooring investment looking great for years to come!

Taking Care of Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood maintenance is simple and will reward you with years of beauty and functionality. Because hardwood floors are sensitive to moisture, humidity and scratching, frequent dusting and periodic cleaning with specially formulated products will help extend the life of your floor. It's also important to use furniture protectors and avoid walking in high heeled shoes to prevent scratches. 

Develop a Cleaning Routine

Hardwood care centers around proper cleaning techniques. Loose dirt or other debris can become lodged between cracks and may cause scratching on the surface. Frequent sweeping and/or vacuuming will protect your flooring and keep it beautiful. Unless you have the bar switched to off, be sure to avoid any vacuum with a beater bar head. Microfiber material is particularly effective for sweeping as it will magnetically draw out small particles from between the boards and within the pores of your floor. 

Weekly and Quarterly Cleaning

Once a week hardwood maintenance includes cleaning with a specially designed product that will not damage the finish of your floor. Refer to your manufacturer’s guideline as well as you warranty to ensure you are using a safe product. Avoid mopping with water, soap, vinegar or steam and steer clear of products containing oil or waxes.

Protect Your Floor From Scratches

Protecting a hardwood surface from scratches will prolong the beauty of your investment. Avoid walking on the floor in high heels or spiked shoes and add table and chair protectors as a standard aspect of hardwood maintenance. Utilize natural rugs in high traffic areas; a rubber underlayment is an excellent feature to prevent slipping, particularly in households with children. 

Immediately Wipe Up Spills and Monitor Humidity Levels

Because wood has a tendency to draw moisture into its pores, it's critical to wipe up any liquid spills immediately. Indoor humidity levels ideal for hardwood care should be maintained around 50 percent to prevent warping of the wood. A humidity level that is comfortable for you is generally appropriate for hardwood maintenance. Following these simple tips will reward you with a beautiful floor that will last for many decades to come.  

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