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Carpet Flooring in Andover, MA

The comfort of carpet never goes out of style. With thousands of ways to enjoy carpet, it’s easier than ever to rise about daily challenges and find products to meet your design needs. With our expansive inventory of residential and commercial carpet products, Arrow Carpet One Floor & Home of Andover, MA is greater Essex County’s most trusted destination for floors and décor.


Our current carpet inventory incorporates all the latest products, addressing a wide range of needs and budgets. If you’re looking towards carpet for your upcoming renovation products, here are things to keep in mind.


Carpet Types

You may find the process of choosing flooring for their home overwhelming. There are different options, styles, and color schemes for you to consider. We can help you narrow down your choices by informing you about options.


Of all the flooring options available, carpet is one of the most multifaceted options. The reason for this is the diverse, textures, colors, and materials available. Loop pile, combination pile, and cut pile are the most common and popular carpet types available. Each type of carpet and carpet fiber offers a unique array of features and advantages.


Nylon is one of the most popular carpet fibers. It is both visually appealing and stain-resistant, so it performs well and looks great.


Polyester is an excellent alternative to nylon, because of its durability, though it is not as tough as nylon.


Olefin carpets are known for their ability to make beautiful, patterned carpets. These carpets are best for low traffic areas like formal dining and living rooms.


Triexta is naturally stain-resistant and can be considered a fiber like nylon. Often triexta can be cleaned with just water.


Wool is a natural fiber that is incredibly soft and fire-resistant. It must be taken care of professionally to stay looking its best.


Carpet texture is determined by how the carpet is attached to its backing. Each type of texture has unique features and benefits.


Cut-pile carpet is constructed by attaching fibers to the backing and then cutting them. What is exposed on the top where the cut is made is the fiber that the carpet is of. Cut-pile carpet can vary in both height and twist.


Loop-carpet is created by looping fibers and then attaching them to the carpet backing. There are no cuts made with loop carpet.


Cut-loop carpet is a combination of cut and loop carpets on the same backing. Because the performance level of cut-loop carpet can vary, it’s best for low-traffic areas.


Carpet Installation

Carpet remains off-limits in the kitchen and bathroom, but it’s easy to outfit the rest of your home in smart, stunning carpet. Indeed, modern innovation has given us carpet selections aimed at tackling all types of common household challenges. There are even carpets designed to cohabitate with pets and small children! We recommend taking a careful inventory of your space, its activity levels, and its sun exposure to arrive at the best product decisions. Resilient carpet varieties are designed to prevent sun-fading, stains, or moisture damages. Heavy foot traffic, such as stairs, can be combatted by choosing sturdier weaves, including Berber-style carpets.


Our Carpet Selection

As your trusted one-stop carpet shop, Arrow Carpet One Floor & Home is a proud member of the world’s largest independent flooring cooperative. We can offer you amazing value, as well as unbeatable purchasing power and friendly, considerate services. To learn more about our carpet brands, or to find out which carpet might work best for you, please visit us online, or in person in the Shawsheen Plaza, located at 207 North Main Street in Andover, MA, or call us today at (978) 247-6060.


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Caring for Carpet

With a bit of effort on your part, your new carpet can

grace your space for years to come. A proper

maintenance plan need not be complicated. Here are

expert tips to nurture that new carpet.