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laminate-flooring room scenes

Laminate Flooring in Andover, MA

A practical approach to hardwood looks, today’s laminate flooring is stronger, bolder, and more realistic. This synthetic floor favorite is all about ongoing style and brings beauty to all your interiors, without breaking the bank.


Arrow Floor Carpet One is proud to be the Merrimack Valley’s destination for enticing, elegant, and easy laminate flooring. With hundreds of laminate flooring options to grace every room, laminate is life without having to compromise.


Laminate vs Hardwood


In terms of grain and texture, laminate flooring looks exactly like hardwood, but dig deeper. Laminate flooring is a manufactured product bearing many layers. Its dense build and scratch-resistance is hearty enough to handle your kids and pets.


For those with hectic lifestyles, laminate flooring tends to be a wiser option than natural hardwood. It’s engineered for simple maintenance and never needs polishing. Unlike real wood, laminate planks can handle moisture and won’t have to be refinished in the coming years.


Is Laminate Flooring Waterproof?


Most laminate flooring isn’t considered a waterproof product, but its enduring construction is bold enough to brave everyday moisture. There are certain exceptions to this rule and more and more 100% waterproof laminate options continue appearing on our shelves. Ask our onsite flooring experts to guide you towards laminate flooring options most appropriate for your unique needs.


Laminate Flooring Installation


Laminate flooring is intended for installation in every room. If chosen carefully, laminate can be installed in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and laundry rooms. For those who’d rather install their own flooring, laminate planks are relatively easy to manage. The bulk of laminate options will click and lock into place and no glue is needed. For commercial installations, however, glue can be added for extra reinforcement.


Our Laminate Flooring Selection


Arrow Floor Carpet One carries a wide selection of laminate flooring, with trendy and traditional selections for residential and commercial settings. Visit our store to learn more or shop our laminate flooring selection online today.