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Tile Flooring in Andover, MA

Tile in Andover, Massachusetts


Tile is one of the most versatile flooring families around, offering endless options to create, protect, and customize. With thousands of products to grace your floors, walls, homes, and businesses, tile is a stunning addition to indoor and outdoor spaces.


At Arrow Carpet One Floor & Home of Andover, MA, an enchanting world of tile options awaits you. Our tile inventory is one of the Merrimack Valley’s finest and is rife with tile flooring and wall tile options for every space, budget, and décor scheme. If you’re leaning towards tile for your upcoming renovation project, here’s what you need to know.


Why Choose Tile?

One of the reasons why tile has remained so popular over the centuries is its eclectic nature. Indeed, the right tile can be an asset to any indoor or outdoor space. Most tiles are waterproof: all will resist moisture and heavy wear.

Tile can be used on walls, as a pathway paver, or on your living room floor. It can be customized to surround your shower or compose a colorful accent wall. To choose a tile is to embrace fewer limitations.


What Are the Different Types of Tiles?

Which type of tile will best meet your style goals? Modern tile is made using diverse materials, but the most popular tile options are ceramic, porcelain, and stone.


What Is Tile Made of?

Porcelain and ceramic products are molded from organic clay, which is finished in a hot kiln. With glazed and natural options spanning every color and pattern, these are phenomenal options when you need a dense, resilient tile that’s easy to mix and match.

Stone tile is made using natural minerals like marble, granite, quartz, and slate.


Why Choose Ceramic Tile?

Ceramic tile is favored for being bold and colorful. It is extremely versatile and lightweight making it a wonderful choice for both floors and walls. The textured ceramic varieties also bring added slip resistance, making them a powerful addition to the bath or shower area.


Why Choose Porcelain Tile?

Porcelain tile is a type of ceramic that is fired at a higher temperature – making it much denser and thus considered more moisture resistant. It is a popular choice for backsplashes, among other spaces. Porcelain tile performs great in both indoor and outdoor spaces.


Why Choose Stone Tile?

Since each stone is completely unique and quarried from a variety of stones like marble or granite, this tile distinguishes your home or office. Stone tile is extremely durable and can go both indoors and outdoors.


What Is Wood-Look Tile?

Looking for a flooring option that offers the stunning visuals of natural hardwood with the durability and low maintenance of tile? Well, look no further! Thanks to technology and manufacturing advancements, wood-look tile is able to offer just that.


Sometimes hardwood flooring isn’t the smart choice – whether it’s due to climate or needing extra durability wood-look tile is a great alternative. Wood-look tile is more durable and moisture-resistant than hardwood. It can be installed in more rooms than hardwood including kitchens and bathrooms.


Where Can Tile Be Installed?


Can Tile Be Used for More Than Just Flooring?

In addition to making beautiful floors, tiles can go on walls and in shower stalls. The benefit of having a tile backsplash in your kitchen is that it not only protects your walls from food splatter but also provides a focal point to your space and can diversify your kitchen. Tile backsplashes are easy to clean just like tile floors are.


Tile backsplashes are easy to customize, you can choose to mirror your current décor, or go with something bold and different. Backsplash tile is always trending and comes in unique styles. Choose from traditional mosaic styles to more modern subway tile designs. When it comes to customizing your space, tile makes it easy.


Where Can I Shop Tile Near Me?

Arrow Carpet One Floor & Home is a proud member of North America’s most prolific independent flooring cooperative offering incredible tile in Andover, MA. Locally owned and operated, we provide immense value, impressive variety, and impeccable services.

Please visit us soon in the Shawsheen Plaza, located at 207 North Main Street in Andover, MA, to learn more about tiles. You can also shop our tile online now!


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Tile Maintenance

Tile Maintenance

Caring for your tile flooring is easy and requires minimal maintenance. By properly maintaining your tile floor, you can extend its lifetime and appearance.